Wednesday, 25 July 2012

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

from the 20:12 INDOOR COLLECTION

         from the  20:12  INDOOR COLLECTION
The first Asian country to host the Olympics, Tokyo spent $3bn rebuilding the city to show off its post-war success. The Yoshinori Sakai was chosen as the final torchbearer, who was born on the day that Hiroshima was destroyed by an atomic bomb.

SUPREMACY OF A RACE    1936 - Berlin (Germany) games. Hitler allowed only "Aryan" athletes to represent Germany, but his attempt to demonstrate racial superiority ran headfirst into U.S. athlete Jesse Owens, an African-American who ran away with four gold medals. The U.S. had considered, and then rejected, boycotting the games. However, some individual athletes chose not to compete. 

FREE PALESTINE         1972, Munich
The largest Games yet staged, the 1972 Olympics were supposed to represent peace. But the Munich Games are most often remembered for the terrorist attack that resulted in the death of 11 Israeli athletes. With five days of the Games to go, 8 Palestinian terrorists broke into the Olympic Village, killing two Israelis and taking nine others hostage. The Palestinians demanded the release of 200 prisoners from Israel.  All nine Israeli hostages were killed, as were five of the terrorists and one policeman.

Monday, 14 May 2012

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        20:12 show  private view with

    Tanni Grey-Thompson

Over her career she won a total of 16 Paralympic medals, including 11 golds, held over 30 world records, and won the London Marathon six times between 1992 and 2002

     Michael Walton Bates, Baron Bates

Bates has been campaigning for the Olympic Truce for the London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games to be taken seriously by the signatories to the Olympic Truce Resolution of the United Nations General Assembly.[6] In April 2011 he set out on a 'Walk for Truce' from Olympia in Greece to Westminster, London to raise awareness of the truce and to secure support for its observance at the London 2012 Games.

Friday, 24 February 2012


here are some shots from stuff I did in lanka few weeks ago .. it s related to a sensitive subject happened a while ago but still very fresh over u all probably know the gosl( gov of sri lanka) has been at war with the LTTE for the past 25 yrs and the struggle culminated in 2009 with the defeat of the tigers and the killing of 40000 innocent tamils. In my recent visit I had the chance to go ( briefly..for safety reasons) to eelam( the north east part of lanka) and speak to a few people. the situation there is still really bad and people are being abused on a daily basis.Even for tourist like me the situation has changed lately since the gosl has kicked out All NGOs and any white ( westerner) is seen as a pro tamil therefore pro tigers . roadblock are every few hundreds meters , passport controls and questions happen on a regular basis ...the project is based on the sorrow of the genocide that the government inflicted on the tamil minority and I tried to keep it impartial ( not supporting the tigers) . During the war the UN was told safety for their troops was not guaranteed (???) and therefore they left leaving no one to monitor the cruelties that happened there in the last months of the war . I m not the best person to explain the whys and hows of the situation but a quick history search will show that the tigers were not the real problem of lanka but the diversity of the tamil ( favoured by the british during colonization for speaking better english and being better at their duties) and the sinhalese community , and their non capability of living together . From what I ve seen the problem is still there , the north- east areas are a huge military base ( I myself started getting really uncomfortable about the situation and that led me to do less painting that I intentionally wanted to ) I hope my paintings raise some issues about the validity of the UN and the indifference of the nations that are part of it and of people in general . If u have not had the chance of watching it please spare 45 mins srilanka s killing fields broadcasted on channel 4 ( u ll find it if u goole it .. full version ) also worth checking with a rather complete report on the situation there .some of the designs were actually taken from that they relate to real people of that area ( some are on houses destroyed by the fighting ..with real bullet holes )